Political Student Association Hosts Vice Presidential Debate Viewing


This week at Potsdam students came out to show support for their favorite vice presidential candidates. The Political Student Association held an event in the Fireside Lounge to showcase the debate and they were surprised by how many students showed up.

“We were expecting the E-Board of PSA to show up, as well as the Trump kid and maybe a few people who solely came out because they thought Gaming Club was meeting.”

As it turns out, students were more hype for the vice presidential debate than the actual presidential debates. As the Fireside filled up above capacity, the PSA had to actually turn down students to the event.

“If there is one political figure I have been following for a long time, it’s Tim Kaine.”

Stated a senior Chemistry major. He continued to tell The Potsdam Plague that he was proud to wear his “I’m With Tim” shirt for the first time since Kaine promoted the pre-kindergarten bill to congress, “I’m all about that bill” the senior student said.

The Potsdam Plague discovered many reasons for students to show up in mass amounts to Tuesday’s debate,

“With Hillary’s pneumonia and Donald’s general temperament, this is the first election in awhile that these Vice President candidates actually have a pretty high chance of becoming POTUS.  “

Others came out in support of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. “I consider myself to be a Pence Promoter.” A junior Education major told The Plague, “I really liked when he signed a bill in Indiana that allowed a business to turn down service to the LGBT community.” 

Whether you are With Tim or a Pence Promoter, the Fireside Lounge was the place to be on Tuesday night.