Local Food Night at Lehman Traces Back to Walmart

If you’ve read a SPW recently, you have probably noticed that last night at Lehman they hosted a local food night. When reading this you probably thought, “Mmm! Yum! Local! MMM!” But, did you know that the local food didn’t really come from old Gary’s tomato farm down the road? The Plague has been investigating this event for a long time now, and here are our findings:

“When I walked into the local food event at Lehman Dining Hall last night, I was expecting to find some good ole home cooked food from old Gary’s tomato farm down the road, but instead I found a lot unopened boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese at the pasta bar.” A sophomore student told the Plague. The disgruntled student continued, “At the salad bar, there were Funions distributed across the table. The dessert bar had boxes of Oreos and expired Twinkies.”

“I felt like I was at a supermarket”- Senior Potsdam student.

The Potsdam Plague went to the PACES event planners to get to the facts:

PP: Is it true that the local food night at Lehman wasn’t so local after all?

PACES: We actually got the food from just down the road… Meal?

PP: By down the road, do you mean Walmart Super Center on US-11?


The Plague sends our deepest apologies to old Gary down the road, as we wish he could’ve represented his tomatoes at the event. We hope in the future Lehman will consider other local vendors instead of Walmart.