Ghost of The Hop Still Haunting Lee’s Hawaiian Grill

Potsdam, NY

It’s been quite the adjustment period for residents of Potsdam ever since the fall of local burger joint,  The Hop. The burger joint used to be a safe haven for drunk and sober students alike, but it is now a hangout spot for people who enjoy Hawaiian food.

But, what locals are not aware of is that there is a ghost currently haunting Lee’s Hawaiian Grill. The Potsdam Plague took our growing team of journalists to interview a worker of the place.

“At first, I thought I was hearing things. I would hear a little voice saying things like, “Orders up!” and “Would you like cheese on that?” and I would be a little creeped out.”

The worker told The Plague. He went on to tell us that it started with voices, but grew to vandalism made by the ghost and burgers found in odd places. The worker told The Plague that burger patties would sometimes fall on customers heads out of nowhere.

“I was mostly surprised, I think, with how f*cking savage this ghost was. It would write things on the wall like, “Nobody Likes Hawaiian Food” and “Nobody Likes You Todd.”

The worker, Todd, explained to us.

If you are a brave soul looking for adventure, you may want to check out Lee’s Hawaiian Grill!