Gee! Another PACES Dilemma?

If you have set foot on SUNY Potsdam’s campus this semester, you have probably noticed something weird about the atmosphere. SUNY Potsdam students have recently expressed outrage about one thing and one thing only- and The Potsdam Plague is here to get to the bottom of it.

“I was sitting in my Communications class the other day when my teacher asked the class to name a pressing matter going on on campus. It became clear to me after the teacher called on three students and they all had the same answer that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way.”

Stated a SUNY Potsdam sophomore when asked about this sensitive topic. So, what is all the uproar about?

“The PACES late night menu has pulled a fast one on us students. Last year we had the option of six or twelve chicken nuggets. Six or twelve. This year? We can only choose eight. As a student I am confused and sad and already looking to transfer to New Paltz.”

A tired looking student told The Plague.

We set up an investigatory news squad to get on the case and interview a PACES representative and here were the results of the vital to campus climate interview:

PP: “It has come to our attention that you have drastically changed the late night menu, and we want answers.”

PACES: “Meal or flex?”

PP: “No, Seriously this is hard hitting news and people are transferring to New Paltz over this!”

PACES: “Meal…?”

PP: “What?”

PACES: “…Flex?”

Well, there you have it folks. It appears it is tougher to get to PACES than it seems. The Plague is not yet done with this case, and we will be sending out students to the President’s Press Conference to get details on this horrific matter.