Dad Culture Records Response Article

A previously posted article by The Potsdam Plague made a few statements about Dad Culture Records that apparently just were not true. And just like last nights Presidential Debate- we had some fact checking to do. A yearly poll on hipster-like behavior was generated by the DCR crew and the results concluded evidence of non hipster behavior within the group. 

Out of all current members of DCR- just one did not use the French press. This is the story of that guy. 

“Honestly, I was a little offended by the first Dad Culture article. It made it seem like we all drink French press coffee, and that’s just not true. I personally own a Mr.Coffee machine.”

The unnamed source stated. He continued to tell The Plague that it wasn’t just the French press comment that got to him. The disgruntled source stated that in the article a claim was made that everyone at DCR events wears Cosby sweaters and thats just not the case. 

“Although a large percentage of concert attendees wear these sweaters, a lot of people wear other clothing items. I once saw a creative writing major wearing a tank top to show off their tattoo arm sleeves.”

The source made it very clear these comments would not fly, “The thing is, you’re painting us to be a bunch of hipsters. That’s a problem. Not the hipster thing, it’s that you’re painting us and we would like to be painting us because we take great pride in our painting skills.” 

With this in mind, The Potsdam Plague is putting down its paintbrush and opening our eyes to what this source is saying. We deeply apologize to members of DCR for any offense taken by our first article,and possibly this one. Actually, probably this one too.