Orientation Student Slightly Disappointed With Options For Lifelong Best Friends

POTSDAM, NY-   An incoming freshman student and orientation attendee expressed disappointment recently in an interview with the slim pickings for best friends at the June orientation. Sam Johnson, the student interviewed, came all the way from Yonkers, New York and was expecting a different experience at orientation.

“Every time I looked at my welcome packet from SUNY Potsdam I got really excited about orientation to finally meet my lifetime best friends. The welcome packets had plenty of pictures of students sitting in a sunny quad surrounded by several laughing friends.” 

Said Johnson, dismally looking at the packet. Johnson expressed that he did meet a few options for friends but they didn’t quite fit the mold of a typical friend of Johnson’s.

“I did meet a guy who plays guitar and enjoys eating Doritos… both things I like… but he did say he likes Moe’s better than Chipotle. And we’re not even signed up for the same FIG…”

Johnson decided to pass on this friendship offer. 

We wish Sam Johnson and other orientation attendees the best of luck in finding their lifelong best friends. We also remind them that this will be the only opportunity to do so! 


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