Graduate Checks Email for the Last Time

POTSDAM, NY- Checking email is something newly Graduate Jessie Jonasse, Class of 2017, felt irritation toward since her freshman year. Jonasse says, “I believe that people send too many emails.”

However, the week before finals proved to be challenging for Jonasse to ignore her email. “They would just keep coming into my inbox. I had to read some of them.” says Jonasse. Reading her emails got frustrating when Jonasse started to reply to them.

“It got to the point where I wasn’t sure if the emails required a reply or not, but some of them were often subject lined with, “PLEASE REPLY”, so, I’d try to reply… but then they’d reply back. So, I ended up not doing a lot of homework… oh well,” says Jonasse. The student stopped checking her email at the beginning of finals week.

“I figured this was a safe choice. You know? I’m a senior. I only have one final. I’m chilling. I’m not looking to do a lot of work my last week at Potsdam.” The day after graduation, Jonasse finally decided to check her email after not checking it for an entire week.

“The first email I saw was an email of Congratulations for graduating. It was like getting an email about permission to never check my email again.” The student replied to the email (from President Esterberg?) with an incomprehensible jumble of letters and the graduation cap emoji as a depiction for how she felt about emails. The email said:

“Thank you SUNY Potsdam for all that you’ve done for me ?? It’s been lit.”


(Written by: Rebecca Augustine)



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