Inspiring: Meet the Woman Who Says Jessie’s Pizzeria is Her Favorite Pizza Place

Potsdam,NY– A Potsdam local woman has come out with a statement recently stating that her favorite pizza joint in Potsdam is Jessie’s Pizzeria. 

Jessie’s won the woman’s heart over other local joints such as Sergis, Little Italy, and the local Dominos. 

“I know it gives off sort of a drug fronty vibe that we haven’t seen in the Italian food field since pizzagate, but there’s something about their stuffed crust pizza that pulls me back every time.”

Jessie’s Pizzeria has been secretly thriving economically even though a freshman named Jimmy stated that he has never seen anyone enter or exit the building.

The Plague couldn’t get an interview with any of the staff but we assume their quote would go something like:

“Jessie’s Pizzeria is an economically stable pizza joint set in upstate New York that thrives off of late night munchies and our one good customer, Jill.”


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