Tinder Date at The Bagelry Going Surprisingly Well

POTSDAM,NY- Two SUNY Potsdam students met up today on Market St. to go on a long awaited romantic date. The two love birds supposedly met on Tinder in January and have been waiting for the perfect moment to meet.

The duo made plans for The Bagelry today at 11 a.m. for a number of reasons, but when asked why specifically the boy, Rob,  responded by saying:

“I chose a breakfast date because I know that Kimberly really likes to get a few drinks with friends at Club Duffs on Saturday nights so I thought hey maybe she’ll still be drunk and won’t recognize that I don’t look like my Tinder pictures.”

The pair both ordered bagels and nitro brews and sat down for the date and it seemed to go better than expected.

“At first I thought it was kind of weird when Rob pulled out a Yankee candle from his backpack and put it down as a centerpiece for our table but then I thought hey this dude is kinda cool.”

The two lovers enjoyed their breakfast date and made plans to go to Pizza-Hut for their next date the following day.


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