Please Pam

Please Pam,

How many times should I push the button before crossing the road?
Why are there so many self depreciating memes out there? What do you say to a friend who seems depressed as hell?

People in a car

Dear People,
I find that pushing the crosswalk button is just as effective as politely asking a drunk dude to stop hitting on you. When crossing the road, I just step out into the crosswalk. The vehicles will stop for you and if they don’t, at least you’ll have a sick cast your friends can sign.
As for self-deprecated memes, I think it’s due to the amount of people who feel guilty for sitting behind a screen all day looking for validation from strangers.
I hope your friend is ok. I would tell them to stop making so many memes. And ask them to sign your cast.
Yours always,

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