Cheap Meal Ideas For Students

POTSDAM, NY- Many SUNY Potsdam students have little money to spend on food after the monthly expense of notebooks, beer, and shots of Hennessy at Club Duffs. After all of these very necessary purchases some students are left to drastic decisions in order to get food. 

Here is The Potsdam Plague’s guide to eating cheap, and eating well in Potsdam:

1. Mayonnaise is always free.

Fear not poor college student you will be hungry no more after hearing The Good News! Mayonnaise is always free. At Minerva’s you can get some free packets of mayonnaise by the coffee station. This may not be your ideal meal, but at least it is cheap. While you’re at it, have yourself a gulp of half and half to top it off.

2. Pretend to be interested in a club and eat at their mixer.

Doesn’t matter which club, this works for all of them! Not a Psych major? Well you can enjoy some psych club pizza. Just tell them you love Freud or some shit! 

3.  Collect popcorn from the floor after a hockey game.

Lots of treats are left on the floor after a big hockey game. It’s simple just get a bucket and be the first one to collect the goods. You may be competing with janitors or other hungry students, but hey it’s a free meal!

Good luck this semester harvesting and scavenging! 


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