Campus Seagull Speaks Out About Owl

POTSDAM, NY- Late last semester our campus was blessed with the visitation of a cute and fuzzy owl. During the owls stay many students and staff flocked to take pictures and selfies with this creature. While it was lovely to have a visit from the fuzzy owl, many of our community members do not know the true effect on campus that day. 

The Potsdam Plague sat down with Harold a local campus seagull to talk logistics on the matter.

Harold is a wimpy yet nice looking seagull who often bops around The Barrington Student Union trying to steal PACES anything and has been a notable community personality for some time. Harold has been featured on prestigious publications such as Overheard at SUNY Potsdam and now The Potsdam Plague. 

Harold scheduled to be interviewed for this piece at Club Duffs on Market St. Monday night at around 7 p.m. 

Harold did not show up until at least 9:30 p.m. When Harold showed up he was holding a cigarette and seemed a little buzzed. He sat down and ordered an Old Fashioned.

“This place is wonderful. They make a perfect gin&tonic.”

Harold stated when he sat down. We did not point out to him that he had ordered an Old Fashioned. 

“The Seagull community had a hard time after the visit from the owl. We weren’t feeling the love from the students anymore.”

Harold told us that his buddy Rod had even been spat at, and told “you are not an owl, so you are not important.”

Harold and Rod have been hanging around the Union less, so they haven’t been able to feed as much. They have mostly been relying on the lovely service of Club Duffs and scavenging around Lee’s Hawaiian Grill.

“There was a time when us seagulls were respected as part of this campus.”

Harold put out his cigarette and stared off into the distance.

The Potsdam Plague writer interviewing Harold let out one single tear. 


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