A Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr/Mrs Editor,

We are a group of concerned journalists dedicated to putting an end to fake news. We recently found your site and were very concerned. The story that brought us there was one written about the town of Potsdam, New York and the fake proposal to open up an adult entertainment club.

This, although abhorring as to cause chaos amongst the community, is the least of our concerns. What caught our eye was a story written regarding the “Potsdam Butter Festival” and the appearance of Senator Ted Cruz. Not only have our sources found that Sen. Cruz will not be attending the “Butter Festival”, but that the Senator “does not seek to expand his knowledge on butter, and acknowledges that butter is not a crop.”

We are here to ask you today to stop spreading fake news. It is detrimental to the community and to knowledge as a whole. It undermines what we, as journalists, are trying to make a living doing. The public distrust of the media is at an all time high and at times like these it is important to keep a well informed public.

So please, remove these fake stories, and try to refrain from posting fake news in the future. As journalists, lets help each other out.
Thank you,
A Concerned Citizen

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor

  1. The writer is both a “group of concerned journalists” and “A Concerned Citizen”. I would pay no mind to self proclaimed “real” journalists who can’t keep their own writing consistent.
    Keep the satirical disclosure in the footer and keep on writing.

    Unless this article is also a satire, in which case; bravo, you got me.

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