Biology Teacher Relying Heavily on Bill Nye Memes in Lectures

POTSDAM, NY- Students of SUNY Potsdam have been reporting frequent usage of memes in lectures of the staff of the biology department. To get to the bottom of this new teaching method, The Potsdam Plague interviewed said teacher and some students of his class.

Reports showed that when said teacher used Bill Nye quotes on memes students would pay more attention to the lecture.

“Nobody really paid any attention when he passionately spoke about how mother earth is dying from… sorry I forget the term… global warming? Whatever, I was scrolling through my instagram feed and not paying attention.”

The teacher found that when he put a picture of Bill Nye the Science Guy in his lectures that students would suddenly get very involved in class discussions.

“I would be teaching about biology stuff and everyone would be on their phones… but when I put a pic of old Bill on there the students would start taking notes.”

While shadowing the class to write this report, it was evident to see the change. The teacher put up a slide on photosynthesis with a simple note on the bottom: “Bill Nye Said This” and a student rose his hand very studiously to ask about Bill Nye’s studies on photosynthesis.

We look forward to hearing about the growing success of this teacher and his classroom studies.


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