What’s Beneath that Tarp?

Potsdam, New York- Reports of a large blue tarp box in The Crumb Library have been circulating around the rumor mills of campus recently due to a project being conducted on the first floor of the library.

Library officials have been calling it a new creative hub for students researchers, but while speaking to the higher ups of the Physical Plant we have discovered new information on the construction project.

“We’re building a large hockey-style penalty box for the students.”

Stated an official.

When prompted why a college library would ever need a penalty box for students they reported that it would be for the students who talk loudly in the upstairs quiet section.

“Also, those darn students who were drinking beer in the library last year. They really need this box.”

The Library officials were given a grant for this project after the success of large sports themed constructions being placed in colleges across America.

“We kind of do it regionally, so the students can connect with the process. This is just a hockey area.”

Students have been talking loudly and answering cell phones in the quiet section of Crumb ever since it was first built in 1816. Hopefully this new installment will help Potsdam’s growing success.


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