Donald Trump Running For President- A Movie Review

POTSDAM, NY- Get your popcorn and soda-pop ready- it’s time for The Plague’s first movie review. Today we will be reviewing the new 2016 smash hit movie some Americans are calling “scary” and “off-putting”, while others seem to love everything about it. The flick, entitled Donald Trump Running For President,  ran in theaters from July 19th to November 7th.

The movie started out as a comedy, or so we thought, it was like watching a Will Ferrell movie when he sometimes says racist or sexist comments but while you’re watching you think to yourself “Haha, OMG Will Ferrell, you can say this on this platform and get away with it because we think you are being silly, but you’re never going to win an Oscar dude.” The problem with the comedy section of the movie was that the main character was not being silly and he did win the Oscar.

The movie slowly transformed from comedy to weird and uncomfortable porno which left many movie goers fleeing to the movie next door. The movie that starred an old woman who can’t quite figure out how to work a gmail account and it’s kinda cute until it’s not (but that’s a different movie review for a different time). The sexual assault scene had many movie watchers in shock- although some liked it. You know what we’re talking about, the old creepy white men giggling in the back row. They loved it.

With a weird turn events, the dopey and awkward star of the movie grabbed his homophobic friend Mike  and the film turned into 2016’s scariest horror movie. The movie transformed into a series of violent rallies and the orange movie star saying creepy and  insensitive things.

The movie made some movie goers uncomfortable, and it made some intrigued. All in all, Americans were pissed that a cinema would even let the same movie run for five months, some even complained it was rigged that this movie got the Oscar because of it.

The Potsdam Plague gives this movie like 1 star maybe.

Lucky for you, you can catch this flick in theaters from January 2017 until 2020.



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