Guy Who Showed Interest “Definitely” Going to Start Writing Plague Articles Soon

In his first real-life conversation with the head writer/editor/founder of The Plague, that guy who expressed interest in writing articles said he would “definitely” be getting around to starting soon.

Said the fifth year senior and all-around lame weirdo:

“yeah, I’ve got loads of ideas, I’m just bad with actually executing them.”

Reports say the student found himself embarrassed and impressed when an idea he brainstormed with The Plague creator took seemingly no time from inception to full-fledged article.

Laying in bed after seeing the overly cheerful and friendly editor yet again out at a party, the pathetic sack of garbage got the idea for this overwhelmingly self-congratulatory article, hoping that she might appreciate his self-aware, honest, unique style and ideas, only to realize mid-authorship that the idea was stupid and barely worthy of the Internet at all, let alone The Plague.

At least this sorry excuse for an author feels like he broke the ice and has something to talk about at the party at his house tomorrow night, of which The Plague editor positively RSVPed on Facebook.

Rumor has it that said individual plans on spending party time locked in his room avoiding people and accomplishing nothing, despite his claims of some “ideas [he’s] really jazzed about turning into Plague articles.”

More on this story as it develops.


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